Health and Medicine in the 21st Century

Science is changing the way we do business in many sectors. We are pleased to play a small part in the propagation of new research and great finds from around the internet which all play a part in helping us to get better as a planetary community.

holistic medicineUltimately, we will bring breakthroughs in medicine that have proved to be beneficial to the recipients. Focusing much on natural and homeopathic remedies to much of the ills that face society in their health and well-being, we will be posting about once a week the articles that present a great promising hope for many who have tried big pharmaceutical approaches to cure their conditions and share some of the Eastern ways of dealing with sickness and disease. Please check back often for updates. Thank you.

Laser Hair Removal: What Are The Benefits?

Laser Hair Removal: What Are The Benefits?

As technology improves and more and more people are becoming aware of their options, laser hair removal’s popularity is growing. There are many benefits to this procedure. Continue reading to learn why you should consider laser hair removal and about the benefits that accompany it.

How it Saves Time

Have you ever calculated the time it takes to shave, wax, tweeze, and all the other hair removal options out there? Five minutes here, twenty minutes there, another ten minutes here. All that time adds up. When you have your body hair remover with laser treatments, you don’t have to spend time using archaic methods to remove your facial, bikini, underarm, or leg hair. You are able to spend all that extra time doing something else you enjoy.

How it can Save Money
Yes, you do have to pay to have your hair removed with laser treatments. But once the hair is gone, it is gone. You don’t have to spend time or money purchasing razors, those things aren’t cheap. You don’t have to spend money at the salon getting waxed. Not only does that cost quite a bit, but waxing can hurt and not just a little, it hurts a lot! When you have your hair removed by a laser, you no longer have to deal with removing it and that saves you a lot of money. Have you thought about ways to spend it yet?

Laser Hair Removal Makes You Feel Better About Yourself

Cleanly shaven legs have to be one of the best feelings according to one Miami clinic. Well, maybe not one of the best, but they do feel pretty good. Imagine that feeling each and every day. And not only legs, your upper and lower lip, under arm hair, bikini area, or any other area of your body that grows too much hair. It can all be gone. Wouldn’t that feel great knowing that the hair you hate is gone, and gone for good?

As you can see, when you choose to have laser hair removal it is a good choice for many reasons. It allows you to save a lot of time that you don’t have to use performing random hair removal tasks, you can save money when you don’t have to pay for the hair removal, and you will feel so much better with hair-free areas that weren’t always hair free. Anyone can benefit from laser hair removal.

Innovations from a 3PL Provider

Logistics is traditionally defined as the movement of goods, documents and information across international boundaries.  Although that definition may seem simple, the process of creating and maintaining an effective supply chain takes skill and attention to detail.  International regulations dictate certain procedures must be adhered at all times to in order to facilitate the movement of anything across borders.  This is where a third party logistics partner becomes invaluable.  A third party logistics solutions provider provides multiple services to their clients and ensures the movement of freight is seamless and without error.

If you’re in Los Angeles, a third party logistics party or 3PL is a specialized organization whose expertise centers on the successfully movement of goods.  A third party logistics company will work with their clients to identify all their needs.  This may go well beyond just the logistics services they require.  Since a 3PL is well versed in all aspects of the logistics flow, they will review the entire supply chain and determine where they can help improve or facilitate movement.  This is a pivotal part of the services a 3PL provides.  Unbeknownst to most consumers the process of transforming a raw material into a marketable retail commodity requires far more steps than they are aware of and it takes an experienced team to ensure these steps are completed correctly.  A 3PL will review the procedures and work with their clients to streamline and improve efficiency within the existing supply chain.

The term supply chain refers to the processes in place that are required in the transformation of raw materials into a completed marketable item.  The supply chain is a collection of moving parts that must be managed at all time to maximize productivity.  As with all things, the supply chain encompasses more than just the finished product.  The supply chain process begins with sourcing the most economically sound options to create the products and then it follows the transformation from identification to collection to transformation and the many steps in-between.  Supply chain management recognizes all these parts must move in synchronization with one another to facilitate the movement of goods.  Furthermore, successful management of the supply chain requires specialized monitoring to ensure no movement falls out of place, thus slowing down or stopping the flow of materials.  Slowing down the movement of goods can have a serious economic impact and it is something that should be avoided.  The experienced team within a 3PL dedicates their time to reviewing all movements within the flow of goods and based on their experience can anticipate the areas in which they will need to action.  A 3PL’s proactive response to anticipated delays in the supply chain, based on their collective experience, results in quicker response times and resolution to delays. Depending on the location of your provider, times may vary. It’s usually a good idea to look for companies on the fringes; either coast – such as fulfillment from Los Angeles or maybe Florida.

In conclusion, a 3PL is a pivotal part in the flow of goods across borders.  This experienced team will follow the supply chain from sourcing all the way to the final delivery to ensure the timely and cost efficient flow of goods.  They are able to recognize inefficiencies in existing processes and will proactively amend these areas without impacting the flow of goods.  A third party logistics service provider provides peace of mind to their clients.

Walk in Tubs for Healthy Golden Years

These days, folks are living longer and longer. The problem, however, is “quality of life” when you reach the golden years. For many people who are beyond 70 years old, they have found that the “golden” years are far less golden and tend to be “blue” or “grey,” figuratively speaking. The idea behind aging is that it would be something that is done so gracefully.  But there are many reasons why getting old is not “golden.”

Getting Old: Beats the alternative

What’s better than getting old? Nothing. Because if you’re not getting old, you’re not alive. But the second best thing is aging gracefully instead of becoming decrepit and in a haze from the amount of pills you need to take every day. We would like to point out something that can help you get off the pills and do something for yourself that will not only help you to feel better, but might even help you get of some medications. Walk in tubs manufacturers over the last decade have developed technologies that are helping individuals to keep their sense of dignity while at the same time helping their bodies to age gracefully in a naturally healthy way. walk in tubsThis is of course to the chagrin of the pharmaceutical industry, who takes pride in treating symptoms of diseases instead of a holistic approach of dealing with the whole person.

Treating the Root, Not the Symptoms

When aging, there are several things that “just seem to go wrong.” But nobody seems to pause to ponder that the things that go wrong are just symptoms of a body that has gotten out of balance either in the pH, diet, or mental attitude. Most people who reach the age of eighty can be categorized in two different ways: assisted living or independent. What is it that separates the independent from the dependent? Most often, the mark of needing either in-home care or going to a home for the elderly is the ability to use the restroom independently. Once this right has been removed from an individual either by chronic illness or the side effects of medications that leave them catatonic, they then become dependent on family or a medical institution. This is one of the things that most people dread when they imagine getting old.

What are your visions of getting old?

Do you see yourself as a strong person? Do you feel like you could still throw the grandchildren around? Or have you reached this point of the article and forgotten what it’s about? Getting old is the goal of life. A great quote by philosopher, A. J. Reb Materi once said that “Americans spend their entire health getting wealth, then they spend all their wealth trying to get their health back… then they die.” What a shame to be viewed like that from an outside entity. And even more shameful is the truth in that statement. So think about the amount of money you’re going to spend this year on pills and poisons that treat symptoms and do something good for yourself that not only will help you get your dignity back, but may also help you to live a longer, more prosperous life, and treat yourself to something like a walk-in bathtub. It’s worth more to you now than the money will be to your kids who will just spend it on a nice car after you’re gone! That’s our thought of the week –

How Your Health and Weight are Affected by Traveling

Traveling is one of life’s big goals for just about everyone on the planet. Doesn’t everyone you know have a bucket list of places they’re going to visit before passing? As it turns out, there’s good reason for your desire to see the world. Your body was not meant to sit in a cubicle all day every day for the rest of your life, nor was it meant to lay tile forever. Your body and your mind need something more that goes deep within your psyche – the need for adventure and conquest.  Now the traveling we’re discussing is not traveling for business, which can lead to fatigue and weight gain, but traveling for leisure. There are two main, differentiating objectives for each kind of travel, either business or pleasure (doesn’t it just sound stressful to read the words “travel for business??”).

Traveling for pleasure positively affects your health

When you are planning for a leisure trip to another place on the planet, there is usually an heir mystery and excitement that comes along with it. This is where your health benefits begin! The heightened and positive mental lift that comes along with planning for a trip can release chemicals in your brain that cause you to enjoy the days and months before your trip. Just thinking about it (once you’ve got it on the calendar and tickets purchased of course) sets your mind at ease knowing that your luxury experience is eminent. This websites employees, have shared with us that when they pick folks up from the airport to embark on one of their European journeys across Ireland or Scotland, the people have a sense that they’re untied from the reality of the day to day grind. This attitude that people have when they arrive for their long-anticipated vacation is very much a culmination of careful planning, budgeting, and is the beginning of a refreshing time of new cuisine, sights, and experiences. The human brain was made to experience life in meaningful and experiential fashions, which much has been lost with the advent of the Internet that gives people a quasi-relationship with other parts of the world but lacks real human interaction, smells, foods, and kinesiology associated with real world travel. There are of course many other fringe benefits of traveling, like improving your relationship – but that’s for another post.

Once the brain has been actuated and the body is begins enjoying what the brain has had pictured for so many months, there is an incredible sense of accomplishment and destiny, all wrapped into one nice and tasty package, which is your leisure travel vacation. How does it affect your health and weight? Well, a stronger mental health backed up by good thoughts about yourself and your sense of adventure and accomplishment naturally gives itself to improvements in all aspects of life. We hope you’ve enjoyed this post, feel free to repost.

What have your experiences taught you about health and travel?

Health and Fitness: How your Looks are Affected by your Mind – Thoughts from Tony Robins

It’s a widely accepted fact that working out can drastically improve your looks. In fact, Tony Robbins had everyone in one of his conferences stand up if they worked out five times or more per week. When they did, he said it’s obvious that they worked out because you can tell by physique and tone that their bodies are well maintained. But if working out five times a week in order to keep the fat off or to build a better looking body is out of the question, many people, at least in San Diego opt for Liposuction if they don’t have time to go to the gym. You must decide what your outcome is in order to get any major progress on your fitness goal. “Activity without purpose is the drain to your life.” Outcome, purpose and why is what we will focus on in this piece.

Body Sculpting for a Fit Figure

In order to be perceived as fit, or to have people really be able to tell if you are fit, you probably won’t have an extra 20lbs of fat around your mid section, that’s a dead giveaway that you’re not in peak physical condition. And we as humans always find it sexier to be fit and have a nice body. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the majority of beholders all find it beautiful to be in good shape. So how can you get your body into the shape you want it? There are many aspects of physiology that go into getting the desired body. Those aspects are mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. We’ll break down each of these briefly.

Mental Aspects of Fitness

Your mind will convince your body to get into the belief that you want to be successful. If you do something that commits you to a goal, it will make you follow through. You start a diet, you join a mastermind, you do something that will make your goals come to life. Anything that comes to your mind as far as your new body is concerned, you must take action with that, which leads us to the next phase, taking action. The mindset is to capture the image, then take action.

Taking Action, the physical aspect of Fitness

When you have fully committed to the new body image in your mind, or you have captured that image, you need to burn that into your psyche. Keep the mental ram available where you will look at it consistently. If you don’t do something with that image, then you’ll let go of them. As Robbins puts it, the goal is to get things done. The “why” behind it is the most important aspect of taking action. Your one place to capture

Make a massive action plan

liposuction San DiegoCreating a plan to get your health and fitness goal accomplished. Your new body is currently in your mind so now it’s time to get it into your new clothes. You might have many other things to do during the day that could stress you out. So you absolutely must write the goals down. Your list that you make which probably crosses many aspects of your life like family, relationships AND your fitness, you must boil them down to what it is you want. You can group these things together and see how they are interrelated. Why? Because all of your goals will help you feel fully alive. Once you can reduce the list of to-do’s, you will see that they are probably really in three or four categories that each has its own desired outcome. Once you know what it is you really want, then the things you really have to do will change. And wanting your new body at the help of a lipo surgeon is a great way to fast-forward your fitness goals. This is a result of a better thinking process that goes after the desired result or outcome than the details. The second question after getting clear on your fitness goals are WHY you want it. Why is it transformative? Your system of thinking and the power of your words will give your thoughts a visual system that will reduce your stress and increase your concentration instead of being caught up in the minor things during life.

Taking action

Put the action items in order of importance. What are the twenty percent of items that will get you the eighty percent of results? These are the things that will move you towards the center of the target for your results. If your plan includes losing the twenty pounds and you want help with liposuction, then you need to consult with a doctor. Get a timeline in place and plan the time off of work. Make sure you have the total cost for the procedure – and be sure you are going to keep a good physical regimen of activities in order to maintain your new body shape. So your results are what should drive your actions during this time of your life.

Leveraging resources

This is critical when you are moving towards your goal. You will be most likely to keep your new physique if you are attending regular work out classes with other people who will encourage you and keep you accountable. Nobody can do your push ups for you so you need to be able to leverage the intensity of group exercise classes as well as the job of your surgeon to give you good ideas for keeping the new look.

Activities with high levels of importance will ensure that your goals are met. We hope this helps you to figure out how you’re going to achieve your new fitness and physique goals for this new year!

The Importance of Continued Biochemical Research for Antibodies

Immunizations continue to play a predictive factor in global health news. Not only are they a good determining factor of whether a nation will have an outbreak of a particular disease, they play an important role in the development of white blood cells, or B cells in the human body which are able to fight off far more than what was originally intended for by the immunization. It’s necessary to have good antibodies and protein research supplies for testing the response of the immune system when a foreign substance, or antigen, is present. The proteins synthesize in mammals and produce the necessary combat agents against foreign sicknesses and diseases found broadly in third and second world nations around the world.

antigen and antibody interactionHuman Biochemical Responses

Upon the introduction of an antigen, if the corresponding antibody is presence in the bodily fluid of the host, the antibody latches on to the antigen and neutralizes the potential for destruction within the host. The epitope that seeks to thrive in the host becomes benign when the proper antibody attacks it, therefore fighting off the infection.

The Importance of Antibody Research

If you find yourself in a compromising situation and are exposed to a harmful alien substance, your immune system should be able to recognize the molecular structure of the antigen and notice that they are different from those found in the body. This is precisely when the human body is alerted to eliminate the invasive antigen – the work of the immune system. Antibodies are produced by the B cells or B lymphocytes and when they bind themselves to the antigen, they signal the immune system to produce millions of the same antibody for release into the body’s fluids like the bloodstream and lymph nodes.

The result: elimination of the invasive alien antigen, and the antibody has done its job. But the proper antibody must already be present in some number within the body in order for the B cells to carry out orders to produce more of the same defense against the invader. This is the work of biotechnology and pharmaceutical labs at universities and medical facilities around the globe who are contributing to the greater good.

The five classes of antibodies are categorized by their constant region. All classes contain the abbreviation for immunoglobulin: IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD, and IgE.The activity is also a classification for antibodies. Mostly present in the blood and tissues of the body are the IgG, for example whereas the mucous membranes of the body contain IgA. Once the antibodies are present in a host, they can be derived from the blood serum of the previously infected mammal and given a vaccination or antiserum. Once this has happened, it arms the immune system with a powerful weapon against the invasion of the particular antigen. This is when the immune system goes in to action against the intruder.

This is exciting research and it continues to attract some of the world’s top medical and biochemical talent.

Local action and Global Impact

To get involved in this promising career path which contributes to the greater good of our world, there are scholarships now available with the hopes of enticing intelligent, medically-minded individuals to look at other options of helping the cause of global health from a perspective different from just becoming a medical doctor. Visit and see if a career is for you.

Increased life expectancy for Type 1 Diabetes Patients

A new study reveals that an increase in intensive treatment for type 1 diabetes can increase life expectancy among patients. While type 1 only affects about 15% of all diabetes patients it still affects millions of people worldwide.

diabetes type 1The University of Pittsburgh PA followed hundreds of type 1 diabetes patients for about 27 years discovered that intensive treatment aiming to reduce blood sugar levels to normal nondiabetic rates lowers rates of death. The body cannot produce the insulin needed to convert sugars and starches into energy so these patients usually need a regimen of shots throughout the day. However, this kind of treatment is not necessarily linked to a reduction in mortality.

For more on this exciting study, please visit

How Practicing Yoga Improves Your Health

yoga for exercise Many people have jumped on the yoga bandwagon, but why? Well, as it turns out, people have been doing yoga for centuries – nay, ions. What are some of the reasons that yoga has caught on so huge in the US? Well that is what we are going to look at – reasons people do yoga.

Yoga for Exercise

There are several forms of yoga, but have you heard of hot yoga? In this type of exercise, the class flexes and stretches and holds the poses for extended periods of time causing a calisthenic exercise that really pushes the muscles. When the muscles are stretched and stressed, they end up making the practitioners sweat.. but more than that, turn up the heat and you’ll really start to see some massive weight loss happening. Hot yoga can be done in rooms of temperatures between 78* and 92*. That’s a good range in order to get yourself dripping!

Yoga for Stress Relief

Exercise has always been a great way for people to relieve stress, for example Shanti Kitti Yoga in California holds classes for a crowd who comes in after a long day of work and they practice positions that are specific to reducing stress. Part of the way this works physiologically is that your mind is focused so intently on your body and your awareness is on your good pain that comes with certain poses. This not only releases endorphins but it also helps to distract the mind and help unwind from a busy or stressful day.

There are of course dozens of types of yoga, but the main take-away here is that you should consider trying some yoga to see what kind of good results you see from such an exercise. Just look for a local studio and see where there are some good deals to sign up with.