Innovations from a 3PL Provider

Logistics is traditionally defined as the movement of goods, documents and information across international boundaries.  Although that definition may seem simple, the process of creating and maintaining an effective supply chain takes skill and attention to detail.  International regulations dictate certain procedures must be adhered at all times to in order to facilitate the movement of anything across borders.  This is where a third party logistics partner becomes invaluable.  A third party logistics solutions provider provides multiple services to their clients and ensures the movement of freight is seamless and without error.

If you’re in Los Angeles, a third party logistics party or 3PL is a specialized organization whose expertise centers on the successfully movement of goods.  A third party logistics company will work with their clients to identify all their needs.  This may go well beyond just the logistics services they require.  Since a 3PL is well versed in all aspects of the logistics flow, they will review the entire supply chain and determine where they can help improve or facilitate movement.  This is a pivotal part of the services a 3PL provides.  Unbeknownst to most consumers the process of transforming a raw material into a marketable retail commodity requires far more steps than they are aware of and it takes an experienced team to ensure these steps are completed correctly.  A 3PL will review the procedures and work with their clients to streamline and improve efficiency within the existing supply chain.

The term supply chain refers to the processes in place that are required in the transformation of raw materials into a completed marketable item.  The supply chain is a collection of moving parts that must be managed at all time to maximize productivity.  As with all things, the supply chain encompasses more than just the finished product.  The supply chain process begins with sourcing the most economically sound options to create the products and then it follows the transformation from identification to collection to transformation and the many steps in-between.  Supply chain management recognizes all these parts must move in synchronization with one another to facilitate the movement of goods.  Furthermore, successful management of the supply chain requires specialized monitoring to ensure no movement falls out of place, thus slowing down or stopping the flow of materials.  Slowing down the movement of goods can have a serious economic impact and it is something that should be avoided.  The experienced team within a 3PL dedicates their time to reviewing all movements within the flow of goods and based on their experience can anticipate the areas in which they will need to action.  A 3PL’s proactive response to anticipated delays in the supply chain, based on their collective experience, results in quicker response times and resolution to delays. Depending on the location of your provider, times may vary. It’s usually a good idea to look for companies on the fringes; either coast – such as fulfillment from Los Angeles or maybe Florida.

In conclusion, a 3PL is a pivotal part in the flow of goods across borders.  This experienced team will follow the supply chain from sourcing all the way to the final delivery to ensure the timely and cost efficient flow of goods.  They are able to recognize inefficiencies in existing processes and will proactively amend these areas without impacting the flow of goods.  A third party logistics service provider provides peace of mind to their clients.

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